Monday, January 5, 2009

Carnival and Calypso come in with the New Year

Happy New Year to one and all if i didn't already say it. I've been off the net for a little while but i came back on to spread the good news.

Yes, it's January and if you live in the Caribbean, particularly Dominica and Trinidad then you know it is Carnival and Calypso time. Nothing bigger than the calypso artform in either of these countries.

The action has already started in Dominica for last night was the elimination round of the calypso competition for 2009. I am so elated, not just because it is carnival season but because my very good friend, closest of female friends, Yoland "Yolie" Dorival made it through the elimination round with her song Unfortunate. It is even more amazing when you find out that she only had the song 4 days prior to the competition and decided to enter just a few days before the cut off period.

The song tackles the need for increase diversity in the daily vocabulary of Dominicans and points it out as something unfortunate. As a Dominican, I can tell you that when a word becomes popular here, you hear it all over and from every one. Last year, the word diaspora took a beating because of the reunion celebration.

But let me get back to the competition, only two newcomers made it passed the elimination round, Beetle J being the other calypsonian to make it to the quarterfinals. Former calypso finalist De Booplay who had taken some time off from competing, is also among the twelve selected to go to the next round. Bassy, Senator, Delah, Comforter, General Kendes, Son of De Saint, Jamma B, Educator, and Iration are the other quarter-finalists.

I am looking forward to that show to give full support to all the calypsonians but especially Yolie as she belts out another tune, look out for it too. I've read the lyrics and it promises to be a crowd pleaser, we could just go all the way and yes i said we, cause i intend to support her to the maximum. It is not everyday that a close friend of yours has a chance of making to the cream of the crop of competitions in Dominica, especially since she would never go up for the National Queen show. Hopefully i will be able to share the lyrics with those of you checking out my blog.


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Terri said...

Big up to Yolie and to my dearest Al (who wrote the song) I'll be cheering you on all the way. Delroy I trust you will enjoy the live performances on my behalf...I'll be tuned into to every radio broadcast with the baby! onelove