Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tell me your dreams

To tell the truth, I dont know why I called the poem Tell Me Your Dreams and there isn't much that I can say about the poem, I will leave it up to the readers if they want to share what they feel the poem is about. Maybe then I will share my thoughts about it and give some insight as to what lead me to write it, although when I first wrote it, it looked nothing like what is below.

Tell me your dreams

My poetry is here
Luminous; that of my world

As a window to my soul
Offered as my gift to you.

Breaking my spirit’s chains
This internal fight for freedom

But in it nothing is at it seems
For things haven’t changed

Even in my smile;
I cry.

And buried within the laughter
This anger I feel

Although a strength of spirit is in me
Unspoken forces trouble my mind

For in my haste of good intentions
I see no further than the horizon

And the answers to my questions are far off
In your poetry that you keep tied up

By Delroy “Nest@” Williams

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Terri said...

This is a real interesting poem and I would like to hear you perform it. Are you on the mailing list for the poetry information? There was a nice session in Wotten Waven this Friday and the poetry scene is slowly bubbling - amazing talents are going to emerge in 2009. Check Sealy for updates. onelove