Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now I remember why I stopped reading books

Selective amnesia is what I blame it on, lol. My last week journey led to me a place that I hadnt visited in a few years, The Dominica Public Library.

It all started when I went to Acme Garage to follow up on a barrel of books that was sent to me as the local coordinator of Keira's Book Club. I have been trying to locate those books for the past week and I felt now that after futile phone calls that it was time I took a visit down to the business firm. That didnt do me much good, for after about ten minutes of searching through shipping records I realized that I was getting nowhere. The package was sent along with books for the Dominica Public Library.
I was advised to make a visit to the Dominica Port Authority where i could personally look in the storage shed for my consignment. But I only had one hour to do so and anyone who knows the port system in Dominica knows that even with all proper documentation it is impossible to get through the filing work in an hour, so it is even worse when like me, you only looking for possible clues.

So I made my way to the library to speak to the Chief Librarian, instead I met with a nice young lady who was acting in the position. As a student of my alma mata, I knew I could trust her (time will tell though, lol) to give me some quality advice. She told me that they had gotten a call about a shipment but they had yet to follow up on it but as soon as they do they would contact me, she took my name and contact information and sent me on my way. I left her office with a bit more assurance than I had came with, for one she went to the Dominica Grammar School and two, she was cute and charming too.

One my way out, I stopped at the front desk and inquired about borrowing books from the Library. I have borrowed books already from the library, I found out that the last one I borrowed was in 2002, called The Alibi, but I don't remember reading that book. I was told by the library assistant that i had an overdue book, The Alibi, which I had to pay the fees for...And then it all came back to me all at once, lol, I had stopped coming to the Library because I had lost the book. But I didnt pay a cent, because although their records show that I didnt return the book, they couldnt find my library card, lol, I got off, lol, but I did promise to take donate some of my books to them.

I then filled out a new library card, borrowed a book my Michael Eric Dyson, one of my favourite authors. The book, I May Not Get There With You, is about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I intend to read that one and off course return it to the library...And so the story countinues.



Jae said...

LOL... funny story!

Herby said...

I can remember very well the time when this fabolous man was living and working and I was so disappointed when he was killed