Monday, January 19, 2009

Timely Reflections

unlike many others before it, this one took some time outta me, and like the name says, it came with great reflection. Hopefully i didnt complicate the message and it is clearly understood. Right now it is one of my favourites, but then again, every one i write gets unto my list of favourites.

Timely reflections
By Delroy “Nest@” Williams

From time,
the outlook seems in synch
but calamity is brewing
for though there is strength,
uncertainty runs within
coupled by human weakness
fully clothed with nakedness
inner peace is afar.
for born out of struggle
conflict is all that’s known,
the finish line though in sight
like the horizon; only a blur

In this world
There are lots of almost
but there are no certainties here.
when it seems all is already won
it’s clear the race has just begun.
Falling short every time
living out something preordained;
this script of struggle, of oppression
so as this world’s captive
on route to undeniable tragedy
but is there promised life beyond
as the chosen one?

Will it all be worth it?
because the journey continues
with the rebirth,
as newborns join the line.
in the end who will win?
Who can foretell?
Only time…


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