Monday, August 15, 2011

Poetry meet Roseau Market, Roseau Market meet Poetry

The Roseau Market is always a bustling environment of onlookers, buyers and sellers looking for the freshest of quality fruits and vegetables on a Saturday morning in the small city of Roseau.

However on that particular Saturday, there was something "new" at the market place, as the smooth sounds of pan music and poetry elevated above all the hustling and bustling. The Poetry and Book Exchange had been organized as an outreach activity of the Nature Island Literary Festival to expand the audience of the festival in the hopes of drawing larger crowds to the University Centre in Dominica.

The reason I am babbling about the activity on my blog is because I actually performed/read poems from my upcoming book at the market. I did three poems from my first and soon to be released poetry book One Room Shack: The Dominican Gift, These Words and one of my favourites Can I, a piece centered on attracting the opposite sex...

It had been almost a year since my last poetry reading and although I was a bit nervous I did my best and followed that up with a reading at the Literary Festival of The Kalinago Girl... Expect more readings from me soon as I am getting the hang of it... who knows maybe one day you may just catch a video clip of one of my readings on my site...

Be one the look out! Remember you were cautioned, lol... oh and I did walk away with a number of books, had to take part in the book exchange too, but off course!

Images (c) NI Lit Fest

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