Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Amen?

My newest/latest poem:

An Amen?

So can I get an Amen?

Now that straight men

Walk crooked like gay men.

When laymen get to lead

And the skilled take a back seat,

Just what do you expect?

When those who should show respect

Those who fought for these ideals

Suddenly in 2011 become speechless!

When we are only loud

In the comfort of our homes,

But become ants

When in the land of ‘giants.’

We shrink in morality

To offer others comfort for their atrocities.

We have clothed immorality

In so many garments,

We can’t even decipher

If it’s natural or synthetic,

Oh how we’ve become so pathetic!

How the biggest and the brightest

Can be lead to their doom

By the ruthless

And just sit by in silence

When we flock to the radios

As agents of deception and miscommunication

Instead of enlightenment and education.

We spew words of hate and animosity

Fostering this state of injustice and injury.

When the courts rule with selective authority

A poor man doesn’t stand a chance,

If the legal system functions by happenstance.

I’m afraid some will take justice into their own hands

What then will happen to this land?

So now can I get the AMEN?


Anonymous said...

very well composed and said, interesting choice of words...keep up the good work

naiomi said...

It spoke of exactly what is happening in Dominica today. We silently disagree with the immoral things which happen but the only thing we do is spew empty violent words without any useful suggestions or actions being taken. Well said.

Anonymous said...

I really loved it as always perfect