Monday, August 15, 2011

my first haiku

It's always good to try something new... sometimes just for the experience, to find out if you would be good at it or for constructive feedback.

I like to dabble into new things especially when it concerns writing. I did that a few years ago with performance-type poetry and although I haven't mastered the craft I and others (my fans, colleagues, friends, readers) have noticed a vast improvement in my work.

Every year, the Nature Island Literary Festival holds a number of competitions during the weekend activity and every year I let it slip by without participating. I wanted this year to be different so I attempted a haiku, which is a type of Japanese poetry. I had been exposed to it during my time in Japan a few years ago. I can't recall the actual year though.... which may be a sign that i'm getting old but let's get back to the point at hand now.

This is my attempt at a haiku:

Perched in the tree top
sweet songs of nature's hymn book
Song birds, sweetly sing!

Comments and criticisms are welcomed but be nice, remember this is my first attempt and I do not want it to be my last... lol.

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