Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A guide book worth eating: Food and Drink Dominica

It is not normal to actually eat a book, nor would I actually encourage eating a book or any of its pages for a matter of fact. But I must warn persons before they pick up a copy of the 2nd Annual Edition of Food and Drink Guide for Dominica.Wai'tukubuli 2009, that they should ensure that they are filled and not hungry or dieting. Because this book is not for the faint in spirit but for those who have a huge appetite for Caribbean/Creole cooking or the person just looking for a hangout spot around the island.

I don't normally review books, or anything at all but ever since I saw the first edition I have been looking forward to future publications and this year's copy didnt disappoint. The guide book which was created and published by Leeward Consultants and Assoc. Ltd has the dedicated and spirited Mrs Celia Sorhaindo as its Editor In Chief as well as a hardworking team that ensures that the Dominican cooking experience calls out to you once you open its pages.

Besides photos and recipies for food and drinks, the 2nd Edition also captures a number of special interest stories (Editorial Features) on organic production, sheep conservation, school feeding programs (fish), coffee production, Fort Young Hotel as well as chef profiles, Dominican products and a list of hangout spots in every nook and cranny across the Nature Island of Dominica.

Before I end this blog, I must also mention that part of my enthusiasm about this edition came from an article (sheep conservation) that I submitted to the guide. It speaks of the National Association of Youth in Agriculture's (NAYA Inc) EWES project for sheep conservation in the Laudat Community (see page 84). I dont want to give too much away, you will have to pick up a free copy of the guide for yourself.

For more information check the website or email them at foodanddrinkdominica@gmail.com or Dominican contact number 1 (767) 449 3731 as mentioned in the guidebook.


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Jae said...

LOL.. great article Nesta. I got my copy on Tuesday afternoon! You can tell that a lot of hard work went into that making! I wish Celia and hubby all the luck with the networking and distribution!

P.S. May i send snippets of your post to bawilinkup?