Monday, March 16, 2009

Blue Blue, Estate For True

If you're a home-based Dominican, particularly one who follows the local pop culture, an avid follower of sports, particularly football (soccer) or just someone who listens to the radio then you would surely have heard this catch phrase a million and one times.

Blue, Blue, Estate For True: has become a calling card for the thousand of young persons living in the former lime fields (Lacourdre) or now referred to as Bath Estate. Long infamous for its "wild" youth, Estate can now boast of its influence on the local entertainment and sporting scene.

The youth of the community has long been known to support local musical giants Triple Kay and even WCK. The bands can thank the juveniles from the outskirts of Roseau for a number of its hits including peanut, send your body, sorti dessan and more recently a number of chants used during their jam sessions.

Bath Estate is also youthfully famous for another reason, its football team. For years the team came up short in the local competitions to rivals like Harlem United, St. Joseph, Dublanc, Southeast United and even Cesseme in the Newtown Football League. But now the team has put those days of being runners up behind them and are leading the way. According to sources on the team 4D Ag Centre Bath Estate is the future of football in Dominica with key players on all national teams (a total of nine on the senior team).

With it's first national Premiere League championship last year (2007-2008) the team qualified for the CFU/CONCACAF Club Champions Cup and now has the task of taking on 2-time champions, W. Connection of Trinidad and Tobago. A team full with international stars from countries like Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and the Dominican Republic.

The match takes place at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Wednesday 18th March from 7:00pm and is the biggest football match to hit the new stadium. Organizers expect over 7,000 persons to flood the stadium fully clad in blue. A colour known to spur on the team, although their official club colours are yellow and green (in respect of the days of the lime fields).

Blue, blue fever will be alive and kicking, one just hopes that it creates the twelvth man that Bath Estate needs to defeat the Caribbean giants.

In case you are wondering who I am rooting for, I am the public relations coordinator for the Bath Estate Football Club, a former player (2002 - 2007) and I live in Lime Street, the capital street of Bath Estate.

P.S. The return leg takes place in Trinidad the following Wednesday March 25, 2009

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