Monday, March 24, 2014

love letter

was fiddling around, having this conversation with a young lady about my Erotica poem and she asked if I wrote love letters... it's been a while since I did but I decided to write her a love letter, right then and there... just because I could...

Hi girl

I want to love you, but only if you would let me the way I know you deserve to be.

I would wake you up with sweet kisses to you lips and cheeks, breakfast in bed then roll back up between the sheets. Make sweet love till we're both wide awake, fully stimulated to face the trials of the day. Send you text messages throughout the day or even give you a surprise visit at your workplace. Sneak of in a corner of the office to just kiss and caress you... I just want to be with you.

At the end of each day, treat you to dinner for two, dinner by the candle light when the moon is full. Throw down rose petals at your feet, give you a full body massage to rejuvenate you when you're feeling weak. With scented candles, incense sticks in the dim light, make sweet love to you from sundown to midnight.

What would it take to get you to realize, when I look at you, I see my dreams fulfilled in your eyes.

Baby girl,  just be with me...

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