Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freestyle Poetry

It's Sunday evening and I'm bored... when i get into a funk like this, I thank the Lord for the gift of the written word... so I started to write, and this is what I came up with... hope you like it:

Freestyle poetry
By Delroy Nesta Williams

Feeling like an afterthought
From priority to last in line
Banished like Romeo
And I hope you're my Juliet
Because I would kill for you
I would die for you too
Without any reservation
But like Judas Iscariot
You've back-stabbed me
Straight in my heart
And I don't think I will survive this attack
I've put all my eggs in one basket, ignoring all warnings
And everyone of them has a crack
Salmonella poisoning so death may be coming
I just wish I paid attention to the signs
But I'm hoping to heal in time
Again, this is a lesson not learnt
An avoidable event if I had only listened
But I'm stubborn, hard-headed
I've got to do it my way
Which means I take the high way
Although I'm hitchhiking
All across the world, so I'm globe-trotting
With no map, taking any direction
Like the Pygmies, feeling nomadic
Hope this doesn't end in tragedy
Because it seems like you've already walked out on me
So impatient
don't you know that love takes time
But you've broken the hourglass
I've ran the race and finished last
All that's left is a consolation prize
Thank God I enjoyed the journey
Because now that I've returned to you
You're not here to fill this void in me
I'm more than just empty
I'm a bottomless pit of anguish

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