Sunday, March 16, 2014


By Delroy Nesta Williams

I want you all naked and sweaty in my bed, panting for breath
Legs on my shoulders, twisted in all kind of positions...
Look into my eyes with lust and want
Time to slam my dick into that warm, wet cunt
Let that pussy purr for me
Fingernails digging into my back
Toes curling, head tilted to the side
Riding on top of me as our bodies collide
This moist friction as my waist meets your hips
Motioning like the waves when rocking ships
A few bites to the neck to mark what's mine
I see the look in your eyes
And that sheepish kinda smile
Hands on my back massaging up and down my spine
But now it's time to change positions and let me take command
Pour some red wine out from the bottle And let me suck it from your navel
Some melted chocolate to lick off those nipples
So erect, standing at attention
Meeting my lips so my tongue can salute them
I hear you hiss and slither like a serpent in motion
Slap that ass let you know who's in control
Slowly, slowly then quicken the rhythm
And suddenly, you shudder under me
Pussy fluids flowing like a river
Turn you over let me ram you from behind
Girl, the fuck fest has just begun
Oh this definitely is not a quickie
I'm gonna enjoy this til you draw out the last drop of cum from me
One hand on your shoulder, another on your waist
Roll that ass as I enter with rhythmic pace
Take your time baby, just call out my name
Because this is a marathon not a sprint race
We've got hours to go, I'm not a one-round show
Hop up around my waist
It's time for the wheelbarrow
A bite to my chest
But never on my neck
Please don't stop what you're doing though
I can't wait for what's next
Nibble on my ear lobe
Even bite the tip of my lips
I'm cuming girl, I can no longer resist
And I explode like a mine in a war field
I'm shedding all skin like I've been cured from leprosy
Panting for breath as you lie on top of me
I hope you're ready for round two and three!


Denise Blanc said...

OMG..*as I fan myself from the heat after reading this* I don't even know what to say. Damn good job. Give me more

Denise Blanc said...

ooo la la.. *Fans myself* This made me so hot. I love it. Keep it up. I NEED MORE!!!!

FromKWithLove said...

***** five stars