Saturday, January 21, 2012

For the Children/Victims

Wrote this poem for three (3) children in Dominica who are recent victims of senseless behaviour. I won't say anymore on the topic, let the poem speak for itself...

For Sophie, Rachel and Dahlia

They are our children too
By Nesta

Now what does that say about the justice system?
What about justice for our children?
Who really looks out for them?
Nobody cares for the innocent!
So sad, so sad are the stories,
No one seems to bother or worry,
Rachel, Sophie and now Dahlia.
Lonely tears that no one sees,
Silent cries that no one hears
Isn’t it strange coincidence?
That while one mother walks out of court
Another cries her heart out
That’s just too strange,
I felt compelled to shout out!
Scream out for them as they rest and wait,
Wondering why the world has sealed their fate?
Pondering what they did to deserve their death?
Their bodies may be gone but their souls aren’t at rest.
I see them too, on their knees praying
Hoping that they can protect the next victim.
The next fatality from our reckless behavior,
Who will be their savior?
When all is said and done
I don’t hate the mother or driver,
I just feel for the children;
The REAL victims…

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Dennis A. said...

Indeed Delroy, who if not us? Thank you for speaking out.