Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Poem: Facebook Stalker

Latest poem from Nesta: Facebook Stalker

Dear Miss Beautiful

Excuse me if this seems rude,
I know we’ve never met,
But I’ve been loving you for a while.
Yes, I’ve loved you for a very long time,
Ever since I stumbled upon your Facebook profile.
I took a chance and sent a friend request
And to my delight, you did accept.
I’ve secretly watched all your photos
And I’ve read every status too.
I listen to every single song you post,
I liked that song by Whitney Houston
“I will always love you” the most.
There’s only one thing I detest
I can’t stand your relationship status
It just doesn’t reflect “us”
Those photos of your boyfriend,
Wish I had your password
So I could delete them!
Replace them with just a few
Those I Photoshoped,
Those of me and you!
I look out for you every time I sign on,
Even if it means staying logged on
For hours while doing nothing .
Just the thought of you being on Facebook
Has got me hooked.
I even bought a Blackberry Storm,
Just to keep up with updates of your account.
I check my phone on the hour, every hour
To see if you’re on.
I’ve seen you in group chatrooms
But haven’t uttered a word.
I haven’t mustered up the courage,
Guess I’m not really that brave.
I know I should have started a chit chat
But something keeps holding me back.
Thanks to a “close”friend
I even got your cell phone number too
And I did call
3 or 4 times the other night
The late night ringing
From the unknown caller
I just couldn’t let you know it was me.
I know how things might seem,
I hope I didn’t offend you,
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Even if it meant hearing you scream
Wanting to know who was calling.
I wished you thought it was an outside woman
And create problems with your man
If I can’t be yours in real life
Can I be yours, even if it’s just on Facebook?
Maybe even hi5 or My Space
I don’t use those anymore
But I could always sign up again
Can we just pretend to be lovers?
Promise I won’t get jealous
As long as you don’t post about your real love life.
If I can’t have you in cyberspace or in real life
Then will you wait for me in the afterlife?
I hope you can read between the lines!
It doesn’t have to come to this,
But you leave me no choice.
I can’t understand
Why you wouldn’t want me as your man.
We have the same likes and interests
Listen to the same songs.
I even have a private page,
With “our” pictures on.
That I created just for us
Where we can post about our love.
And no one will ever need to know
It’s between me, you and Zuckerberg
And he would never, ever talk.
Mark’s too smart for that
He wouldn’t want another cyber attack.
So what do you say?
Can I count on you?
I love you.
Yes, I do.
Please tell me you love me too.

Your friendly Facebook Stalker

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