Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My friends always seem to inspire my poetry and this offering is no different. I took one line from a conversation that I was having with Michelle Belle (a blackberry conversation) and developed the rest of the poem around it. See if you can guess which line it is


I laugh out loud

Just to keep from crying.

If the rainbow is a promise

Then what’s the storm?

After all, the damage has already been done!

I’ve made so much from so little

Now I’m left alone to pick up the pieces

All is gone; left with only rubble.

I have to start over, back to square one

Run the race again,

When it was so close to being won.

It pains me to know,

But at least I’ve got the experience to lean on…

I’ve done it before

And I surely can do it again.

Walking through the blazing sun

Dancing in the pouring rain,

Living to see another day.

Light always follows the dark of the night

So showers of blessings will come my way.

From the ashes I am reborn

Walking with my chest to the sky,

As I hop, skip and jump through

This maze called life.

Wish me the best,

Please I beg!

But, not luck though,

There’s no such thing

When you’re divinely blessed…

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