Saturday, October 29, 2011

Untitled and Unfinished

Just like the title of the work, this poem will remain untitled and unfinished... because I wish it so:

Untitled and Unfinished

I miss our midnight phone calls

Those private conversations

That always put me to bed

You knew just what to say

I remember every word too

The ability of my mind

To retain your words

Every pronunciation

Yes, every enunciation

Still etched in my brain

The sound of your voice

As the cold wind blew

Through the trees outside my window

The ability of your mind

So great, so sublime

Knowing just what to say

Calming my ruffled nerves

Getting me to see things beyond myself

The world through your eyes

This is all gone, here and now

all I do is twist and turn

Can’t even lay down my head

Or close my eyes

For, I see your face

I hear your voice

You haunt my nights

Like howling ghosts

Harrowing at me with such guile

That my neck hairs stand up with pride

At full attention

Unwarranted celebrations

The independence that I wanted

So dependent on your presence

I’ve made a mistake

I know it now

But this ego of mine

Won’t let me apologize

So I continue to bear this agony

Sleepless nights, helpless days

I accept it as fact

But won’t sound the words

That you were my better half

So incomplete that I malfunction... (to be continued... maybe)

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