Saturday, October 8, 2011



Every now and again I start a poem that I just can't finish so I put them in a pile. I have folders full of pieces of poetry, sometimes I manage to put two or three of them together and they fit so well together and form this magical unit but tonight is not one of those times, lol...

I’m just going to share a few of my ramblings... some about love, I know, I know... as much as I don't want to admit it, love does find itself in a lot of my poems and notes. So here are my latest ramblings:

Rambling No. 1

I just love that girl,
wish I could tell her so
but she's so preoccupied with the world
busy behind the bling and the finer things
clothes, cars and the diamond rings.
she can't see far beyond all that
I’m willing to give her all of my heart
so quick to ride with the biggest baller
she can't even hear me when I holler

Rambling no. 2

I keep looking at your profile pic
looks like you've got the sweetest of lips
I wanna stare deep into your eyes
look within your soul
hold you tightly in my arms when you're cold
I hope I do one day
gives me something to look forward to
dreaming of tomorrow, today

Rambling no. 3

I want my damn rib back

Why you may ask?

Because I’m tired of being under


Men this and men that!

Nobody ever offers us our gift back

I want back what is mine

I may be selfish; I may come off as conceited

But have any women ever said thanks

No, not once

You would think something is due us

That a female would acknowledge the sacrifice

Leading to their very existence

Rambling no. 4

So much promise

But no purpose

Can’t see myself

Far beyond the present

Need a change

An out of body experience

Don’t like the image

Staring at me in the mirror

This sense of isolation

Sunken in sudden depression

You might just see these pieces in future work of mine…

Remember I warned you!

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