Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Are You Still Single?

So Delroy, Why are you still single? 
By Nesta (because Delroy would never write this) 

They're all asking 
So Delroy, why are you still single? 
Why? Because I won't settle 
Not for less than I deserve 
Or Delroy, are you just running around? 
To that I reply, Hell No! 
Single isn't the status that I want 
Wife with two children, a house and a dog
Maybe a cat and definitely some fish 
Being single isn't my wish! 
Delroy, you know you're getting old? 
Hurry up, just pick somebody, already! 
But who? Just anybody? 
I know what I want and from whom to find it
But she keeps looking way past me 
And because of who I am and what I see in her, I keep on waiting 
But Delroy, just love anybody in the meantime 
Nah, that feels like a waste of my time 
I will only give my love to one more person in my lifetime, 
The next will be the last 
And after that, if it doesn't work out? 
Then fine, I'm prepared to take that chance!

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