Thursday, October 23, 2014


got to Salisbury (community where I work) early this morning and it was raining (cats and dogs)... and now the sun is out, blazing hot, shining... inspired this poem... off to the field now, to do some real work, the one that pays the bills!

180 Degrees
By Delroy Nesta Williams

Looking up at the sky
And wishing it would open upLet out all of its raindrops
To drown out my sorrow and pain
A perfect camouflage to also hide my stains
Done a lot that I'm not too proud of
But sometimes these mistakes
Put you in the right place
Just have to learn to not repeat
Or get stuck in the remix
Time to dance to a new beat
Sing a new song
Let go of all you did wrong
And clothe yourself in a different garment
Exhale a bit
Release the steam
Before the pot boils over
Or the food burns to a blackness
Charred and stuck in the bottom
Needing to be scraped out and thrown away
But thank God, today is a new day
24 hours to do things in a better way
Start from this minute
Put on a newness
Bountiful fruits will be the harvest
Enough to share with the world
A little ripple becoming a wave
Because you've embraced change
It really begins with One
And the day has come
Where this One is Me
Time to fulfill a promised destiny
Look up at the clouds and sky,
The rays of sunshine
And smile
So no more stressing
Time to start living
And even when it rains
Remember those as showers of blessings!

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