Friday, September 7, 2012

Poem from a Fan: Arnold Toulon

So I've gotten my first real fan mail, well actually it's a poem... from a Dominican Artist based in St. Lucia. He posted it after he read my latest poem, Walking Away - a poem I wrote to raise awareness about Domestic Violence as a means to get more women to speak up about the issue. The poem was posted in a Facebook poetry group for Dominican writers: Domnichen Poetic Circle. So here is the post from him:

Delroy.!.(.I never call you that.) -:)
So...... Nesta!!, (Is it a 'Marley thing?),
(sounds more like your poetry).

,I don't think I have enough words.
Your works have captivated me from the start.
You write from the heart.

I don't, and can't, rate you; just by your prose.
Your command of the language
Every DPCEE knows.

wIth anticipation,
we waiting.
To see what Delroy (Nesta) posting.

You give us the "ZOUK".
And remind us of our flag.

Alwin Bully designed it ...
I guess some kinda komee tee,, mus have signed it.

Of what it really means to be a Dominican.
You , to me are the best conception.

you may be a humble man,,,,
Most Dominicans are.
In this poetry business,
I think you are a Star.

Delroy ,I want to Hail you from afar !
Your lines are well laid
You Step up to the "bar"!
Don't exchange Diamonds for Zirconium,
These tomes you write are at the arch of decorum.

One more poem ,,,,,,
That's all I would beg.....
Something to think about,,,,
before I go to bed...

But I could do with the ones
that you've already sown.
No more 'block';
Now the trumpet is blown!

(Arnold Toulon 2012. St.Lucia)[?]

I'm proud of this poem... I'm gonna print it and frame it, so that I always remember...

Thanks Arnold, again...

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