Friday, July 20, 2012

My contribution to Fathermen, a blog

I was recently approached by a PhD student who is doing research about men and their role as fathers within Dominica and the Caribbean. He is of Dominican heritage but was raised in the UK. I think the field of research will raise some interested conclusions and bring some insight into the whole idea of being male, a man and a father especially within the West Indian context. Issues such as these are seldom discussed in formal settings and even when discussed usually take on vulgar tones and finger pointing.

So I applaud him very much for his efforts and wish him all the best. I hope he knows that the road won't be easy at all, nothing in Dominica or the Caribbean is, as a matter of fact.

But before I ramble on and forget the objective of this post, just check out the two poems (Father Failed Me and Father, Teach Me To Pray) that I submitted on Fathermen

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