Friday, April 13, 2012

Untitled poem

I almost lost this "gem" of a poem, had it stored in my blackberry and was a second away from deleting it... but still thanks to technology. So now, i'm sharing it, enjoy. I haven't decided on a title yet so for now, it's an untitled poem.

By Delroy Nesta Williams

Love songs are like daggers to your heart
When love has left and the situation is tearing you apart.
Late at night when the world is asleep
With only your thoughts to comfort you
While you silently weep.
The moment when you realize all you've lost
And the one that mattered most is no longer around.
Suddenly cognizant that it's all your doing
And no matter your action to mend your heart,
You're left in ruins.
A jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece,
Your heart will never again find peace.
Loneliness is strange company
Comes and go as it feels,
Does as it pleases,
Exposes feelings that you've tried so hard to hide
And you're just hurting inside.
No need to suppress it,
You should try to expose it,
But pride always gets the better of you
And keeps you running from the truth.
You’re afraid of being hurt again,
But you end up harming yourself instead
And there's no one else to blame,
No one can help to mend the heart's pain.
A sea of tears lost in the rain.
No one can decipher your thoughts if you don't scream out
Sometimes what you're thinking isn't enough,
You've got to scream out, you've got to shout,
So someone will take notice,
Help you along love's journey
For it can be a painful road to travel alone,
As the path is unchartered territory…

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