Friday, September 4, 2009


finished this poem this morning but i had started it yesterday. I was looking forward to today and wishing for the bad weather to leave and for sunshine and my cousin told me "tomorrow isn't yours, you have no idea what it will bring" and this just sparked a poem. Hope my readers like it:

By Delroy "Nesta" Williams

If tomorrow never comes
Why long for it so?
The day is never promised
To do as you choose.
It’s a gift to cherish,
If we see the light at dawn.

Unless you make it to the dark of night
What it holds remains unknown,
Until it is lived.
Tomorrow can’t be distinguished
From any other day
And even then,
The lessons of tomorrow
May just escape.
Only to reveal itself,
When you least expect.

As a witness to today,
Grasp the chance of the moment.
Worry not about the morrow,
If it comes your way
Because it will flee from your hold.
It just isn’t yours,
It’s always running away,
Running off to another day.

Even if it grabs your attention,
Tomorrow avoids staring you in the face,
Always evading the eye glance.
Tomorrow is the girl,
That you hug in your dreams
But have yet to hold in reality.

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