Friday, September 4, 2009

Mr. President

Obama ain't the only black President, I joined the ranks, lol. I wasn't trying to sound arrogant but I got sworn in last saturday as President of the National Youth Council of Dominica at its inauguration ceremony. Fellow members of the Executive Council include:

Carlyn Rolle - 1st Vice President
Damon Jno. Baptiste - 2nd Vice President
Fenella Wenham-Quamie - General Secretary
Larissa Andrew - Treasurer
Kinisha Browne - Asst. Secretary/Treasurer
Alvin Alexander - Publicity Coordinator
Kezia Augustine - Committee member
Priscilla Ormond - Committee member (she was absent on overseas duty)

We still have to add one person to the Council, a youth representative of the Kalinago people. Here are just a few photos of the event:

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