Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Intimate Reverie

Intimate Reverie
by Delroy Nesta Williams

She's not my cup of tea
But I would love her to be my coffee 
I usually sweeten with brown sugar
But I've always yearned for honey.
She's not my wifey
To the contrary
She can be an appetizer, even my side dish,
But never the main chick
That's just the way my life is
She has to remain my little secret
One of my guilty pleasures
I wish I could have her everyday
But things would become suspicious 
Just the look in her eyes
And I can already tell
She brings more to the bedroom 
Than I've ever experienced:
Those glistening lips
That wicked stare
I see a devilish thirst
That I want to quench
And I've got a hunger in my bones
That only she can satiate -  
Tie my limbs to a bed
And beat the shit out of me
I'm usually the dominant one
But for her, I'm perfectly fine with being submissive
Get some whip cream, 
Maraschino cherries
Melted chocolate and strawberries 
With ever stroke of the whip
Biting my lips and speaking only gibberish
Some candle wax to pour over my abs and chest
Bobbing and weaving from the heat
Like she's punishing me for cheating
"I've been bad, really bad," I scream 
As she continues to beat me
Bites all over, leaving teeth marks etched in my flesh
I can already picture the two of us together: 
Unbridled, passionate sex!
No feelings, no words
Just hop on top and ride the waves
As her juices flow
Mixing with my sweat 
The Rosalie river meeting the Atlantic Ocean 
Drowning in the passion 
Moans and groans as she grinds on me
Nails digging into my chest
Pulling off skin and flesh
But I refuse to cry out in pain
War wounds, for a soldier, are a source of pride
Just at that moment, she slows down but doesn't stop
I feel her pussy muscles tightening up
Puts one finger over her lips, "ssssshhhh!!!!!!!!!!"
And rotates her waist with a quick jolt
Uncontrollably I flood her cunt...
In her eyes I can see she wants more
That's merely round 1 I thought...
As I move from under her
Picking her up
Raise her above my head
And slowly lay her back down
Eyes excited licking her lips
She's grabbing the back of her head
As I move in for a kiss
Salivary exchanges while I'm cupping her breasts
Her nails, again, digging into my flesh
I can hear her moans
Escaping softly
So I lay soft bites on her chin
Her neck and her shoulder blade next
Using my right arm to raise her left leg
Simultaneously she's wrapping the right one around my waist 
Sticking me into place
I'm sensing warmth emanating from her cunt
And feeling sweet liquids flowing down her legs
She's wetter than the rivers in Belles
"Fuck me... fuck me...,"
why cheat?
she whispers as she bites the tip of my ear

Gripping my head and pulling at my hair
I wriggle a little to slide inside
Slowly stroking to gain some rhythm 
Baby girl goes from moaning to screaming
In a few seconds
From woman to beast
Eyes rolling in the back of her head
Something like an exorcism 
She begging for more
And I'm wondering where I'm getting it
My dick is all the way inside
And she still isn't satisfied
I'm quickening my pace
Moving like a rabbit in heat
Fall back on my back as I buss it all out on the white sheets
In the back of my mind I hear her dissatisfied and questioning
"That's it?"
And just then and there 
I shake from my reverie
It's best i leave this chick alone
And stick to what I know
I love my wife
and although the sex isn't perfect
We've built, together, a wonderful life.

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