Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your Body; My Poetry

Your Body; My Poetry
By Delroy Nesta Williams
Your body reminds me of poetry
I want to lick the limerick off your lips
And dip into the similes of your smile.
Ask about the metaphors that are your mammelles
I wonder if I can touch them.
I want to wrap my hands around your waist with a tight hug
Much like how poems wrap their imagery around my mind
Let me hold you close and grab unto your round behind
Thick and firm
Much like how a series of rhymes encircle my thoughts
And leave me in bedazzled state of love and lust
Girl your body really reminds of poetry
The kind I learned in high school
The ones that I can still recite.
Like poetry, your body teaches me too,
Because I can see there's much more to you
Than the external beauty that you exude
I want to delve into your mind and read your thoughts
Examine every word, every line that you speak
Because the words that evolve out of your mouth
They see through me
They speak to me
Like books in the Bible
I just want to memorize every verse
I've sang songs like Solomon
I've cried over all the Psalms
But I haven't had the chance to held in your arms
Or kiss those chocolate-colored lips
I love the way how you slowly lick it
Those thoughts remind me of Rudyard Kipling's If
Well to be totally honest,
It reminds me of my remix of it
"If you can see this lady walk past you
And can't stop yourself from looking
If you can't help from thinking
All the things that you two would do
If she smiles at you
And you feel a tingle deep inside
If you want to jump up and down
Shouting amen and hallelujah
Because at that very moment
You've realized just how much of a blessing the good Lord has given to you."
This isn't any doggerel
And definitely not a lament
It's a shout of joy and sheer, simple happiness
Because the poetry that she reminds you of
Will one day be published
Find itself among the greats
In the annals of time
So her body will be everlasting
Like Lady Liberty
A monument of finesse and strength
Her body makes me want to break out in song
And sing her a sonnet
But my voice makes it rain
And that would dampen her smile
So I stay mute and keep my song hidden in a haiku
Let the world try to decipher
What only you and I discern
So now I’ve come to the end of this ode
I praise your body with every word
That emanates from my being
The inspiration that influenced this epistle
I desire for all seasons
Three hundred and sixty five days
Without any breaks
Unless I guess, to repeat every line, every rhyme
Like a stanza from my personal anthem.

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