Monday, May 20, 2013

Needs a title, please

Dear readers, i need a title for this poem, simply leave a suggestion in the comments or link me directly if you have my contact information, please and thanks in advance. 


The planets surely did align
When you stepped out from the shadows
And into the sunshine
Oh a site for sore eyes
 A blessing to a man who’s loved and lost
But never did he even think of giving up
That the one for him was somewhere
Out there
Alone in the wilderness
Like a young baby, craving his caress
His broken heart now mended
Like a sinner who has repented
No more worry, no more stress
Because he’s found an empress
A jewel among the rubble
No one can burst this bubble
Much more than just the physical
This love is deep and monu-mental
One of a kind
Life has been mostly cruel to him
But this is just a pure blessing
Now he gives the Lord Thanks and Praises
For finding him a love so sacred
A man needs to find love to fulfill his destiny
Not something you should run away from
Or try to shun
When love calls there’s nowhere to hide
Because it is something sanctified
A man needs L.O.V.E - LOVE
No matter how much he lives in denial

1 comment:

Love My Nails said...

Out of the Shadows. Finally, true love. True love out of the shadows, Didn't give up on love.

Not a poet so if non makes sense I truly understand