Sunday, March 10, 2013

The thing about Cheating

The poem below was inspired by my friend's (Naiomi George) Blackberry messenger's status... so i thank her for the inspiration as i hadn't written any poetry in a few weeks... thanks Naio

The Thing About Cheating: 
by Nesta

You're the whiskey in my coffee
And I'm not even an alcoholic
I know I should probably let you go
But your kiss feels so sweet to my lips
You're my best kept secret
And that's just how we're gonna keep it
Those late night visits, all the coded messages
Feels like I'm working for the Secret Service
What would people say if they only knew?
What would the world think of the indiscretions?
All the hiding, all this personal tension
I feel like any day life will teach us a lesson, 
But for now I'm messing around in the classroom,
Long after the bell has rung and the students and teachers have left.
We gotta be careful, take extra precaution
You say you wanna stop and I do too
But I can't picture living this lie without you
If I'm gonna cheat, it might as well be with you
Not even our friends know
We can't let our feelings show
I smile every time we cheat and get away with it
Cause we know things that they could only guess
We're doing things when they just speculate
Let's enjoy the moment but knowing time is against us
In the end someone is gonna get hurt
But only hindsight is perfect
In the end someone is going to cry and feel regret
But I'm willing to take the chance, so fuck it!
If you want me then what else should matter
Society shouldn't judge us for doing what we love!

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