Friday, February 8, 2013

10 things to look out for during Carnival

Top ten (10) things (random order) to look out for during the Carnival celebrations (feel free to add to the list)

1.     THICK women who wear clothes in small

2.     Cougars – it’s the only time that it will be acceptable to see grown ass women allow       young boys to gyrate behind them publicly

3.     A lot of tires (not those on vehicles) and skid marks (not those left by tires)

4.     Men and women as dirty (and smelly) as “Paros”

5.     Men who look like they're stalking young women and girls (yes it happens)

6.     Wigs that look like they were passed thru the washing machine

7.     Drunk men (some women) passed out on sidewalks and even in gutters

8.     Old women who got more dance strokes than some of our young ladies

9.     Children dressed like street walkers with their pimps (parents) who laugh at it

10.   Strange tattoos in even stranger places

This list was written in jest and is in no way intended to ridicule anyone… 

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