Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nesta's new adventures

I've been really busy lately, doing a million and one things and hoping to do them well too. Just in case you've missed me and wondering what i've been up to, i'm going to update you as I appreciate the people who read my blog, leave comments or just visit from time to time.

So what have I been up to? For starters i've been busy promoting my new book, the One Room Shack and i'm very happy by the positive responses that it has attracted. It's always good to get feedback and so I appreciate it and i'm very happy when persons tell me that they have enjoyed my work. Don't worry, One Room Shack will be followed up by a second book, Moods and Attitudes, i'm already putting the finishing touches on that one. I am thinking of including a few more poems in it before publishing in the summer of next year, just in time for the Nature Island Literary Festival. Be sure to look out for the book and off course, the festival as well.

I have also started a facebook page, to promote myself as an artist instead of simply having a facebook account. Someone mentioned that it would be a more professional approach to my writing and promotion of my work if i created a page. It's been created for just over a week now and I have just over thirty (30) likes, i.e. people following it's content. I am hoping to have it up to fifty (50) before the new year, baby steps I keep reminding myself. If you would like to follow the page, just click Nesta

In the midst of all that, I have also started a column for an online magazine, Da-Finest, do check it out. The column, The Chronicles of Nesta gives me a chance to broaden my readership and also tackle issues and ideas that I haven't done or didn't think of doing through my blog. I won't abandon my blog, not at all, this is my fir... well second love, behind my poetry off course. If you want to check out the column's latest entry and leave comments or suggestions, then click here: The Chronicles of Nesta.

There are a few more things that i'm working on but once they are concretized you can be certain that i will post an update here.

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