Sunday, November 6, 2011

give me something to write about...

So I was feeling bored tonight, just browsing through facebook and I had this idea, so I put out a request for my friends to suggest a topic for me to write a poem on:

Here is the status: I need to write something, give me a topic, any topic, I need to write a line, a verse, a rhyme... something metaphoric or even a simile... I need to write something, somebody suggest something quick...

and Rude Gyal Casimir suggested the topic that I wrote on (took me about five minutes to write it):

Why do you want to bring me down?

Inspired by Anelia Casimir

Is it jealousy?

Why the envy?

I just don’t understand

You don’t even know my story

But you would want me to be history

I’m not rich

I’m not even that beautiful

Only smart enough to fool you

For you seem to feel the need to covet me

Resentment for what?

In spite of all that

I shall rise about it all

And even offer a hand

To get you off the ground

For it must pain you to feel you’re beneath me

When I only see you as an equal

I wonder where this all comes from

Is it me that you hate?

Or what you think I have become

I wonder if it isn’t just greed

That makes you see me this way

Or maybe even foolish desire

Because you feel the need to just like me…

Do enjoy...

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