Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New poem; Ghetto Yout Song

Just finished this poem and wanted to share it as soon as I was done... do enjoy

Ghetto Yout Song

I mean no disrespect

But wat de fuck do you expect?

Dis is de truth

An nothin’ but de truth

Tings jus too damn hard for de youts

Went to de bank to take a loan

De officer ah watch me up and down,

Like I come tief at his home.

Jus tell me I cyah get de money

Instead of pretending every ting nice

Dis not no land of milk and honey.

How dis poor ghetto yout

Ah get collateral, ah get land paper?

De man gimme de run around,

De system send me a rob an tief,

Cuz I tell him a Pound mi born

Ah Roseau me come from.

Where de bed of roses?

So nothing for de poor, black yout?

Best I tief a ting for true,

Sell a pack or two.

Is dat de system ah send me to do.

There’s anger in my voice,

Cuz I doh have a damn choice

Dey pushing me against de wall,

All I can do is scream an bawl

Hoping someone will hear my call.

Someone, come to my rescue

Lead me from dis place, so destitute.

Is not like I want to commit a crime

But dere might jus come a time,

When that’s all I can see

As my way outta dis misery.

I need to help myself,

Somebody tell me what’s next

What should I expect?

When all I want is some real respect!!!


mara said...

Wow dats nice real thing

Anonymous said...

Dis ah real stary fi tru mi broda, mi njoy dis yah poem. Keep d vibes positive. Congrats