Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tribute to the KING

Fete Lacoudre is the annual feast of the Bath Estate Community and it takes place every July. I was pleased to be a part of the youth panel discussion on peer pressure - a lesson for parents on Monday 4th July, 2011.

But this post is about the events that occured prior to the panel discussion. I like to be early when I have to be anywhere especially when it relates to a formal setting and when i'm officially invited. So was the case for the panel discussion but i stumbled upon some unexpected activity. I met six (6) lovely young beauties bellowing out some old classics of the late, great Michael Jackson, yes the KING OF POP himself. He would have been proud of the effort and commitment of the young ladies but i'm not sure if he would have been have liked the "chopped and screwed' versions of his timeless tunes, albeit unexpected.

I happened to capture three (3) songs: Man in the Mirror, You Are Not Alone and Thriller. Off course, the videos are blackberry quality so sound and lighting are not the best but I do hope it captures the essence of the performances:

By the way, the pageant is this Friday... wish the young ladies luck, I just hope none of them sing for the talent segment, just kidding around...

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