Friday, May 16, 2008

If I was

What started out as just a question to myself ended up being a very good poem, well at least to me it is, hope the bloggers can appreciate my talents...

If I was
by Delroy "Nesta" Williams

If I was oil
Would I power your world?
If I was wings
Would you be my bird?
If I could sing
Would you be my song?
If I was mistaken
Would you tell of my wrongs?
If I was water
Would I quench your thirst?
If I was a flower on a sunny day
As a bee, would you come my way?
If I was leading you on a moonlit night
Would you walk by faith and not by sight?
If I was a whisper in a rowdy crowd
Would my words feel like they were said out loud?
If my actions I brought not to the fore
Would my words still open your heart’s door?
What if I wasn’t me?
And you wasn’t you
Would you look at me then?
And still love me too

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